lørdag 4. september 2010


What a boring Saturday. No money and no one at home. Oh well, I'm not complaining. I'm too beat after the canoe trip anyways. I'm glad to get a day of. The only thing I don't like right now is the lack of candy ): How am I supposed to have a nice Saturday without candy?
Well then I suppose I can distract you with these pictures until something happens.

The school (in no particular order):
This is the school. Well, the back side of it. Picture is taken from the doorway of dorm building where I live.

The area that we share brotherly with our neighbors. Toilet and shower on the left hand side, my room (the open door) and the neighbors on the right hand side.

This is my room. I share it with Rune, who sleeps on the right side. He's pretty cool. He listens to the same music as I do, and besides both loosing our wallets we actually have quite a lot in common.

*turns around*

And here's my corner :D


Entrance hall and stairs down to the living area (the really bright area).

I was going to take pictures of the living area and the dining area, but I never got that far... This is the photo-teachers puppy Bruno. Bruno says hi.

Speaking of dining areas. Every time I sit down for dinner I'm thinking "heck, this is the best thing I've ever eaten here!" Today was no exception. Pancakes, porridge, bacon and leftover pizza. Go junk Saturday! All of the food we're served here is delicious. I'd go so far as saying Agder has probably the best food of all the schools in Norway. I can't imagine how it could possibly be any better without it costing a fortune.

I digress. Here's pictures from our trip to Kristiansand:

A church.

FLOWERS!? IN A CITY!? This is something you wouldn't see in Oslo. Ever.

Did I mention...

... Kristiansand is so much better looking than Oslo.

This is a car. This too is prettier than cars from Oslo.

Even the birds know how to strike a pose. Pretty, pretty city.

Now, a price goes to whoever manages to guess what the Crazy Scottish Girl (Vikki) is leaning on. (hint: It's neither a bank nor a hotel)

I did mention everything is prettier in Kristiansand, right?


4 kommentarer:

  1. Herlig. HERLIG!

    Fint å se hvordan du bor.
    Skjønner at du ikke liker Oslo.(Jeg ser mye fint i byen, som du kanskje har sett på min fotoside.)

    Bildene dine er flotte og de to siste var bare toppen, ... lo høyt her!

    Gleder meg til å se/lese mer.

  2. Nei, er du på FHS. Så bra da! Hvilken retning har du valgt?
    Har aldri vært i Kristiansand, men har veldig lyst. Du får fortsette å friste reiselysten min med bildene dine.
    Ha et lærerik og spennende år!

  3. I get jealous, when i read and look at this.