fredag 10. september 2010

More pictures!

Hi, I've not had the time to write anything much, so heres some pictures from the canoe trip, and then some =)

We arrive. I couldn't take any pictures of the actual trip, since water and electronics does not mix all that well.

Morten talks and points. No one seems to be listening.

It's nice and sunny.

We walk over to the other side of the island...

... And found this. It's a troll.

Einar prepares what he caught.

This is my catch. It was the largest fish we caught on this trip.

Campfire =)

And lastly, a picture of an unwanted visitor:

Yeah, it's pretty fat. We caught it in a glass. It's one of the largest in Norway, and apparently they thrive here. Agder FHS not a school for the arachnophobic.

And that was all for now. I might get some time of to write tomorrow since It's my day of =)
See ya!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fine bilder :) Bortsett fra det siste. Det var egentlig ganske fælt. Hvorfor legger du ut sånt!? Vil du at jeg skal lese bloggen din, eller??? Jeg vet ikke om jeg tør om du skal holde på slik. :(

    Neida, ilu (:

    Hav <3

  2. Åh, såååå bra. Elsker å se på bildene, å kunne se hva du ser og opplever.