onsdag 22. september 2010


So the following days have been used for not so very much. There was a long weekend followed by a normal week at school. I've started having selected courses on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Monday we have ballgames, which is basically just having fun with ball games. And apparently "snow ball" is in our arsenal later this year (this is partially why I signed up *cough*). Tuesdays I have language training. Well, technically I'm not training any language, except maybe English (which I've heard I talk like a native... And a prick) and a bit German. What I do is I've been chosen to help Vikki with her Norwegian. And she doesn't really need much help yet =) On Wednesdays we have volleyball. Also fun.

We have a lot of spare time outside of classes. This time is usually consumed by playing games. Card games, board games and other games. I've been playing Magic with my neighbors, and a board game called "Arkham Horror", which is insanely complex and required about 9 hours to play the first time we played it... We didn't even finish it.

Every day we discover new people who play Magic. Or at least that is how it feels, and we're considering organizing Magic lessons, to teach people how to play and eventually have a large tournament later. A lot of people here have an inner nerd it seems.

The coolest thing is perhaps the game we play called Assassin. It's not a card or a board game. It's a game that we play all the time, and about half the school is involved with. In short we go around and try to kill each other. With spoons and rolled up newspapers that is. Everyone playing Assassin gets a target and their goal is to "kill" their targets and avoid being "killed" back. The only permitted weapons... I mean "weapons", is spoons, rolled up magazines or papers, "poison" which involves simply spicing someones meal or drink so that they can taste that it has been "poisoned" (putting salt in someones tea for example). Bombs are also allowed. You just have to hide a cell phone in a box or something and set the alarm to go of when your mark is in the vicinity.

The first round of Assassin is already over. I failed. Miserably. Will do better in the next round though.

I feel like we're back to kindergarten when it comes to playing. I've never played so much in my entire life. And the Saturday two weeks ago (the 11.) only goes to show. We had what we call "Agderlørdag". Agderlørdag is set in stage by one of the classes on the school. What they do is make dinner for everyone and an activity or two to fill the evening. The jazz class arranged it this time. They made it a 1920s kind of dinner. Everyone was supposed to dress like they did in the 20s. If they could obviously (I couldn't. Closest I got was like the 1990s or something...). Then there was a dinner. And then there was a murder; which I managed to sniff out already when the "Lord Ilkana" left for his study with a glass of gin or whatnot (it was actually Earl Grey tea, we found out later).

Yes, the activity for the evening was solving the murder of the lord. It was really fun and I'm amazed of the creativity and originality in their group. They made a really tricky puzzle, and the acting of the group was really good, come to think of how only a quarter of everyone there actually took them seriously. So after a while I ditched the blockheads of my class (yes, I know you can read this too >:( ), who were trailing of in a completely contradictory line of thought and solved the mystery. On my own! Would you look at that. All those hours of playing Phoenix Wright on my DS wasn't completely wasted after all. After solving the mystery we had dessert - ice cream.

Thanks Jazz =)

That is all.

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  1. *lol* FHS in a nutshell. ;-) Still awaiting the first sea trout report, though.

  2. (Jeg gleder meg til å se deg hjemme igjen.) :)

  3. Det høres utrolig gøy ut! Kos deg videre <3

  4. I'm, missing the next Adventures... ;-)