lørdag 28. august 2010


Hello. Welcome to my blog for the school year 2010-2011. This blog is best viewed by friends and family, but whoever wants to peek at what's going on are free to do so. That's why I'll be writing in English, so everyone can understand what I'm writing (including my very multinational family). Why is this year particularly interesting? Well, I'm not attending any ordinary school, I'll have you know - I'm going to what we in Norway know as "Folkehøyskole" - or Folks High School if you want. I will just refer to this as FHS.

This kind of school has no exams and no grades. That in itself is amazing! But the fact that we're able to go out and do things we love makes FHS absolutely incredible. And there are so many cool people here. I've already made friends with a bunch; including my class, half the International class, my dorm group and a lot of other people.

Oh, what line am I attending? I've always liked nature, and I've recently picked up photography, so what else would be better than the line "Outdoors life, photography and environment"? Nothing!

Later entries will contain pictures, a more or less detailed description of all the awesome things I will be doing; like riding elephants, living in the jungle, rafting, mountaineering and riding elephants, and so on.

See ya!

4 kommentarer:

  1. This FHS year is going to be one great experience! I love the international thing. I'm looking forward to follow your adventures and insights and ... PHOTOGRAPHS!! Joerg

  2. Ikke sant folkehøgskole er bra? <33

  3. Thank you, for writing in english - I'm looking forward to all the things, you will see and experience.

  4. Great! Do they have programmes for people in their forties? :)